There are over 40,000 publications clearly documenting the healing effects of stem cells.  There are more than 400 clinical trials happening right now worldwide.  It is clear that when done properly stem cell therapy is regarded as safe by the top scientific minds on the planet.  Stem Cells are known to reduce inflammation, repair damaged tissue and restore vital functions.  Stem Cells are the little warriors responsible for healing in our bodies.  

With your help, the APBPA and GIOSTAR via #stemcellsforall, will address 2 major goals over the next several years.

  1. Treat thousands of people that do not need to suffer anymore.  We believe that this is our responsibility as a society.  It is not their fault they can’t afford to pay to go outside of the United States for treatment.  So we must come together to provide this service.  Together we are stronger, together we can be happier and healthier.
  2. Reduce the health care burden for the federal government and our citizens.  This campaign could treat hundreds of thousands of patients annually and gather the clinical data necessary to foster main stream treatments.  Imagine the innovation and cost savings that is possible.  We are compelled to accomplish this goal and asking for your contributions in resources, time and/or funds.

With your help we will build  non-profit centers nationwide in the U.S. so that everyone can drive to a facility.  We believe that patient’s should not have to pay 10s of thousands of dollars for treatment.  In fact, for those that are on medicare, unable to work due to their disease, or are in a low income household, the APBPA campaign is making sure they won’t even need to pay $1,000 for treatment – thanks to you!

With you by our side locked arm in arm – we can and will change the world!