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  • Official 501(c)3 – 100% write-off for all donations.
  • 100% Transparency with monthly expense reports posted online.
  • Fans can become members too and receive the benefit.
  • Need based assessments covering up to 100% of treatment costs for household income of less than $49,999 (click here for the scale).

$29,298 has been raised and 20 patients are already schedule to be treated, in addition to Micah!

For every $2,500 raised, another treatment is covered and if you need to get to the front of the line or pay full retail, THE PROCEEDS COVER MORE Treatments. 🙂

GIOSTARTM Labs supports the APBPA in the mission of #stemcellsforall and treat thousands of people that cannot afford treatment. You, or those you love, do not need to suffer anymore there are safe alternatives to health care that can assist in your healing for degenerative, autoimmune, diabetic, neurological, cardiovascular, pulmonary function and more. It’s not a cure, but it may give you the lift that you need.



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