The Association of Professional Baseball Players of America is on a mission!

We believe an idea can change the world.

We believe regular people can work together to do something truly great.

We believe one man’s legacy can become a pop culture phenomenon.


Micah Bowie is a true journeyman. Five MLB rosters and all that hard work to prove himself every time. When he needed Tommy John Surgery at the big league level, he was told he had to pitch through it. So that’s what he did. Like many pro athletes, Micah began facing a lifetime of chronic pain after he stepped off the mound for the last time.

To deal with the pain, Micah had a nerve stimulator implanted in his back. The device broke and its credit-card sized battery ripped through his lungs destroying the majority of their functions. Bowie now requires a daily truckload of oxygen tanks to breathe. Eight liters of oxygen a minute, just to try and live to see another day.

The Major League Baseball Players Association denied his pension and healthcare.

Most people don’t realize that 4 out of 5 pro athletes are broke within five years of leaving the game. They buy homes for their parents and relatives, start businesses that may not work out, and are taken advantage of by their financial advisers that leave them broken with no means to earn new income.

This is the side of sports you don’t see on TV. This is the real life after all the cheering stops.

In 1924, the Association of Pro Ball Players of America (APBPA)  was founded by Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb. The association set out to help baseball players in hard times when the teams they played for refused to offer any assistance. Just like the future Babe and Ty envisioned, the APBPA stepped up to help Micah within hours of learning his story. 

This historic resurgence of the APBPA in light of the players union balk has come at a vital time in the life of Micah Bowie and has the potential to impact thousands of people with chronic and debilitating diseases.

Up until now, the APBPA has raised money through small yearly donations from almost all major and minor league players, both active and retired. This private model means ballplayers were helping other ballplayers. The monies are then dispersed privately to retired ballplayers in dire financial and medical situations. This donation model means most people have never heard of the APBPA. Until the APBPA learned about Micah Bowie, a public donation strategy wasn’t needed.

Micah may not live much longer, but we hope and are working around the clock to make sure he stays with us. Micah’s wish, no matter what, is to help others. When the money was raised to help Micah receive stem cell therapy, being the true American hero that he is, he asked if we could raise even more money to help more people. From great suffering and hardship, “Micah’s Fund”, #TeamBowie, and #StemCellsForAll were born.

Micah’s treatment has now begun and 20 more people are scheduled for treatment in the coming weeks. Four treatments a week from April 17th through June 1st, this year.

Our donation platform is now live and we’re hoping to raise millions of dollars in the public sector this year. This will allow us to give reduced cost and/or free stem cell treatments to hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. People whose only option is stem cell therapy after traditional medicine.

We’re on a mission and you can join us. A mission to help thousands of people. Maybe hundreds of thousands. That depends on the public support we receive now. It depends on people like you. Together we are stronger and together we may live longer, healthier, and happier.

If this gets you out of bed in the morning, join us.


Every dollar counts and this campaign starts with friends and family donating anything they can. Every moment counts. We’re asking for your help today. Help us build “Michah’s Fund” and stake your claim in history now!

Together we can the world and make a difference. Imagine a world where we make people walk, talk, and live their lives again. Imagine someone being able to enter the workforce again because 10,000 people donated their money or time to celebrate the project and spread the word.

It’s our mission and #TeamBowie is pitching. The APBPA has stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park once again. We’re bringing hope to the masses and the big leagues of regenerative medicine and science are on your team.

Join us on the mission, #StemCellsForAll.

Call 1-800-914-STEM right now for more details.

  Micah Bowie pitching  

If you or someone you know is in need of or have an interest in trying stem cell therapy, please complete this form (https://pixelforcure.com/medical-history/), and call 1-800-914-STEM to begin the medical review process. There is no charge or obligation for the medical review, and if you qualify for treatment, you may receive free treatment based on your income and need.


More information:

  • The Association of Pro Ball Players of America (APBPA) is a registered 501(c)(3).
  • APBPA provides complete transparency for every dollar raised and every dollar spent.
  • All donors receive tax receipts for the benefit of a tax write-off.
  • Community service and volunteer opportunities are available.